Fred Harrison’s new report about statecraft economics

Dirk Löhr

Fred Harrison’s new book is now available:
Statecraft: How the Economics of Civilisation Can Rescue the Global Economy

For non members of DOC the price is € 20,00. Here is a brief abstract of the contents (by Ed Dodson):

Fred Harrison

“Fred Harrison argues that mainstream economics – both as an academic discipline and as a set of principles guiding public policy – is flawed and requires a fundamental rethink. The author proposes the notion of ‘economics of civilisation’ as a conceptual and practical resource to renew the art of statecraft at the service of a global economy capable of producing wealth in ways that are socially and ecologically just and viable.”

This book is an important addition to the volume of work Fred has produced in an effort to change the course of history. Consider getting a copy to put into the hands of someone who commands an audience in what Walt Rybeck taught us is the “public dialogue.”

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