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Anthony Werner (Shepheard Walwyn) dead

Dirk Löhr

In December 2022 Anthony Werner, who ran the publishing house Shepheard Walwyn (London) for over 40 years, passed away at the age of 83 after a long and serious illness. See also the news form The Bookseller here. Among other awards, he won the Peoples Book Prize for Best Publisher in 2019. Shepheard Walwyn published many well-known Georgists, including Fred Harrison, Mason Gaffney and Nic Tideman. It was a matter of the heart for Anthony to give this literature a platform, without being concerned about making money with that.

Anthony Werner (c) The People’s Book Prize

I met Anthony in person for the first time in 2016. Together with him, Fred Harrison and I travelled to the Rhodes Forum – a counter-event of Davos (World Economic Forum). Through his contacts, Anthony had managed to get us a stage there. Our contact did not break off – the Frankfurt Book Fair provided an opportunity to refresh our friendly relationship. Anthony was a fine person, we will miss him.