Taxed to Death

Fred Harrison

Economics as an intellectual discipline is in urgent need
of interrogation. The authors of Taxed to Death claim
that the inquest is a matter of life and death.
ttdGovernance is prejudiced by theories that are
intentionally designed to accommodate the structural
flaws in the economy. Ideological interventions since the
onset of universal suffrage were, in the main, calculated
to deprive law-makers of the insights from classical
economics. This inhibited governments from adopting
the fiscal policies that would deliver inclusive growth
within cohesive communities.
Fortunately, scholarship has its heroes as well as its
villains. They were willing to risk personal preferment to
develop policies that would remove barriers to the full
and equal lives that everyone could and should enjoy.

Fred Harrison wrote this pamphlet together with Roger Sandilands. Read more (please click): Taxed to death