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Fred Harrison on government failure on the realm of tax policy

Dirk Löhr

On January 26, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute hosted its first lecture with author and economic commentator Fred Harrison*, who gave a speech entitled ‘The Economics of Civilisation – The Conflict Resolution Paradigm for the Age of Geopolitical Crisis’.
Fred Harrison

Harrison describes an analytical framework that facilitates the comparison of the financial foundations of the civilisation model with the systemic pillars on which liberal democracies were constructed. In the attached interview (please click for watching the video), Harrison describes the reasons for government failure in the realm of tax policy.





* Fred Harrison (born 1944) is a British author, economic commentator, and corporate policy advisor, and is Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust. He is notable for his stance on land reform and belief that an over-reliance on land, property, and mortgages weakens economic structures and makes companies vulnerable to economic collapse.